Storm Water Discharge Compliance

Federal and State regulations require many facilities to manage their discharges of pollutants in storm water. Facilities are generally required to:

  • Obtain a storm water discharge permit
  • Implement a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Implement a Storm Water Monitoring Plan
  • Provide periodic reports to an agency

Ecotek has helped facilities comply with storm water discharge regulations through a host of services. Ecotek has helped clients implement actions that remove their facility from the program.
For the facilities that must comply, Ecotek has developed and implemented all required program elements. We seek the optimum balance between activities performed by facility personnel and tasks performed in house. Ecotek develops Pollution Prevention Plans and Monitoring Plans, specifies control measures, prepares agency reports, and performes inspections, sampling, and monitoring.
Ecotek offers a complete, intensive training program on how to comply with storm water discharge regulations. Over 250 facility personnel have attended the training. All program elements are addressed in detail, including sample collection, laboratory analysis, safety, monitoring and inspections, pollution prevention, best management practices, recordkeeping and reporting, and regulatory and permit requirements.