Recordkeeping System

Ecotek developed and operates a recordkeeping system intended to free additional time for our clients to focus on their daily production. Our recordkeeping systems are built around the client’s specific needs, they are flexible and can be adapted to exact requirements.

Ecotek offers several levels of recordkeeping service, depending upon our client’s specific needs and available technology. We can simply collect daily material usage notes, and transform them into a fully compliant recordkeeping system that provides constant checks to ensure compliance with process specific rules, and informs the client of any inconsistency. We can also offer simple spreadsheet-based systems, as well as sophisticated software applications that reduce the labor and mistakes often associated with daily recordkeeping.

Ecotek’s recordkeeping systems assist clients in:

  • Integrating mandatory VOC recordkeeping in daily operations with minimal additional effort
  • Directing compliance with recordkeeping rules
  • Creating emission reports (daily, monthly, annual)
  • Providing the basis for accurate compliance assessments
  • Determining status with new regulatory requirements and programs

Ecotek’s recordkeeping systems monitor compliance in many areas at once: from source specific air quality rule compliance to overall facility emission limit compliance. Our programs streamline compliance monitoring in order to give our clients immediate and complete pictures, and allow effective planning for future compliance.