AB2588 Air Toxics Hot Spots Program

Ecotek has assisted clients to comply with the California AB2588 Air Toxic Hot Spots Program. This State law requires facilities to inventory their emissions of several hundred chemicals. The inventory must be updated periodically. The purpose of the program is to disclose to the public those facilities that represent a potential risk due to the toxics air emissions.
Program compliance is a multi-step process, with each step involving complex engineering and data analysis. Facilities are required to:

  • Develop an approved Air Toxics Inventory Plan
  • Prepare an approved Air Toxics Inventory Report
  • Prepare a Health Risk Assessment if screening levels are exceeded
  • Notify the public if risks exceed reporting levels

Ecotek has prepared several Inventory Plans and Inventory Reports for facilities such as universities, manufacturing facilities, and rendering plants.
Since 2000, Ecotek has been the AQMD’s contractor for the consolidation of Air Toxic Inventory data into the Annual Emission Report Program. Based on the data collected, priority scores are calculated and compared to screening levels. Only if screening levels are exceeded or drastically changed, facilities are obligated to provide the additional data and proceed with the compliance process.