Air Emissions Inventories

Ecotek has prepared over 100 air emission inventory reports. These reports are required by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for determining annual emissions and fees, and developing air pollution regulatory programs. The reports include criteria pollutants (NOx, VOC, CO, PM, and SOx), designated toxic pollutants, and ozone depleting compounds.
Ecotek has developed air emission inventories for a broad range of operations:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Education and Research
  • Institutional
  • Commercial

Ecotek reviews facility operations to identify all emitting processes that need to be reported. We identify the required records, acquire material and process data, and compile usage data. Then we determine appropriate emission estimation techniques and emission factors, and perform emission calculations.
Ecotek’s standard service includes the preparation of a documentation package for customer files. The package includes a technical report that covers every detail of the emission estimation process, copies of report forms submitted to the agency, and copies of records and documents used in developing the emission estimates.
Ecotek has been the SCAQMD contractor for the Annual Emissions Report Program since 1996 assisting in the implementation of the program.