Source Reduction & Waste Minimization

By “getting out” of the hazardous materials business, companies are able to focus on their true business. Source reduction and waste minimization are powerful approaches that can be used to get out of the hazardous materials business.
Ecotek helps clients identify and implement source reduction and waste minimization, that result in:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced regulatory requirements
  • Reduced legal, product, and waste liabilities
  • Safer working environment
  • Better public image

Ecotek evaluates operations, procedures, and processes, facilitates waste minimization committees, identifies and prioritizes compliance alternatives based on ease of implementation, cost, benefits, and acceptance. In order to validate the decisions made and look for further source reduction and waste minimization opportunities, Ecotek helps clients to select and implement measures, and monitor performance.

We also helped a variety of clients, from a mirror manufacturer to a complex research operation to minimize the impacts and satisfy SB14 requirements such as Hazardous Waste Inventory, preparation of a Source Reduction Evaluation Review and Plan, Hazardous Waste Management Performance Report, and Summary Progress Report.